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I have been taking photographs since childhood when I toted my Kodak Instamatic everywhere, gradually evolving from an avid shutterbug who sought to make a simple record to a more thoughtful photographer concerned equally with aesthetics and technique. With training in investigative journalism and conference interpretation, after a 20-year career as a technical translator converting documents from French, Spanish and Portuguese into English, I became enamored with the language of light and switched from writing with words to writing with light.

An abiding love for animals and their welfare has had a major impact on my life and direction in photography. Because I find interacting with animals and understanding their behavior so fascinating, pet photography is a natural outlet for my skills and interests. My own family includes numerous and often-photographed four-legged creatures who were once abandoned treasures.

Equally passionate about black-and-white and color photography, I also enjoy experimenting with alternative processes. In addition, I have found giving classes and workshops to others on the photographic journey to be enormously rewarding. For several years I was an instructor in the professional program at the Washington School of Photography in Bethesda, MD., from where I am currently on leave, but continue to lead photo workshops through the Washington photo safaris. My work has been exhibited locally and internationally and I work for private clients on a commission basis. All inquiries are welcome. One of the aspects of photography that I find most intriguing is problem-solving. In many ways I see photography a metaphor for life: coming across opportunities and deciding how to best handle them with the resources you have at hand. There are always tradeoffs and always risks.

A defining moment for me was realizing that the camera lens could be used as a prism through which to distill and preserve visual information. Always a keen observer and propelled by lifelong wanderlust, I have explored the physical and cultural landscapes on five continents. For me, photography is a way of celebrating both the commonalities and diversities in the tapestry of the natural and man-made worlds. I relish preserving fleeting moments, making the banal memorable, creating something that brings pleasure to others, and letting the language of light speak for itself.


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